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What the Unsigned CBA Means for this Off-Season

Labor talks have resumed today between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. While both sides have said that progress has been made, with a few more days until the collective bargaining agreement ends, it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll hit a lockout for a period of time in the NFL. Whether or not it reaches the NFL season will remain to be seen.

We’re not going to explore the intricacies of the differences between the NFL and the NFLPA, what we are going to do is give you what you can expect during the next couple days and what will happen during the lockout.

First and foremost, expect more franchise tag and restricted free agent tenders to be issued to players. While the players don’t like the franchise tag designation, under the current CBA, it’s allowed, so in hopes of keeping their stars, teams will do do more tagging.

Also, with players such as LaMar Woodley signing their tenders, it looks to be a component of the CBA that will be around for years to come.

With the CBA ending, free agency won’t begin until it’s signed into effect. However, the free agents that do happen to exist right now will be able to negotiate with teams until the brand new extension expires. There won’t be too many signings, but it will still be more significant than in previous years.

Also, with free agency in flux and with teams unable to trade for players, the draft will become instantly more important to teams. I would expect more teams going for roster voids as opposed to the best player available.

This will become even more interesting with a draft class that is very top heavy with quarterbacks. Like every year, there are lots of quarterback needy teams. And while there are several players currently within contracts that could make interesting additions to teams, without a CBA, these players could end up not being traded as the teams in need may try to kick the wheels of rookies.

However, this draft isn’t exceptionally deep overall. While heavy in the QB and defensive linemen areas, it’s lacking in offensive line men talent, secondary talent, and a lot of the offensive skill positions.

Overall, it’s going to be pretty interesting. This article of course becomes moot if a new CBA is signed and a work stoppage is no longer needed. But for now, this is what our off season holds over us.

Written by Isaac Rickert, NFL Enthusiast


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